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IsoBoard Stockist & Suppliers

We have over 16 years of experience in the Iso Board industry. We take care of all your IsoBoard needs with the efficient helpful service at the very best prices. Thus far we have delivered IsoBoard to the following destinations worldwide:

South Africa ~ African continent ~ Mauritius ~ South America ~ Australia

Ceiling Insulation Products

Heat gain in residential homes is largely through the roof structure. Insulated ceilings retard heat flow into the living areas in summer, and contain generated heat in winter, providing a comfortable living environment.

Roof insulation Products

The Inverted Roof Concept, also known as protected membrane or upside down roofing, ensures insulating both the water-proofing membrane and the reinforced concrete slab from extreme thermal stress. This is achieved by placing IsoBoard extruded polystyrene insulation board above, instead of below the waterproofing membrane.

Thermal Insulation Products

IsoBoard thermal insulation is a high density, extruded polystyrene rigid insulation board, having a 100% closed cell structure. IsoBoard has been tried and tested internationally since 1970, and manufactured in South Africa since 1995, using a fully automated extrusion process, in accordance with international specifications and standards.

Insulation in Wall Cavities

Cavity wall insulation will prevent heat transfer and build-up to the inner leaf of sun exposed walls. Moisture within the cavity is prevented from condensing onto and penetrating through the inner leaf when IsoBoard is installed. The insulation restricts heating ingress to temperature controlled and passive cooled environments.